2012 Australian Government Grants & Loans available now for Australian business owners!

One of the most fundamental capital sources for business is Government Grants. Many Australian Business Owners are not aware of the generous funding and support provided each year. These funds are allocated to help support YOUR business.

It’s every business owner’s right to apply for
government funding either grants, loans or assistance for their business.

Whether you are seeking a grant, low interest loan or assistance for starting a new business, expanding an existing business, advertising, renovations, fixtures, new equipment, admin expenses, business ideas, research & development, building construction, export, fashion, arts, retail, agriculture, training, hiring staff plus much more...Government assistance is now available to help finance your business!


What is a Government Grant?

A grant is a form of money given in many forms including cash, training, mentoring or any other way the government nominates the money to be disbursed. This is a non repayable amount of money given to the business by the Australian government. It is in the interest of the economy for businesses to do well and make profits; this creates more jobs and a brighter future for Australia. Remember the more money you make the more money the government makes in the long run, grants are there to be used by the astute and smart business owner, use them to your advantage and help your business get the kick start or boost it needs.

Government Business Grants

Very few business grants receive media coverage,
So how do you find out about them?

simply contact Business Grants Australia.


Business Grants Australia is an independent company of research specialists working to assist new and existing business owners with up to date and accurate government, industry and private sector programs. They will help you obtain the information necessary to available funding.

Why Choose Business Grants Australia?

Many Years of Experience Obtaining Grants

Most Time & Cost Effective Way to Source this Information

Access to the Latest Government Grants Programs

Australian Owned & Operated




You could receive funding in as little as
4-6 weeks from the date of application depending on the programs applied for.
Some programs have application deadlines; therefore you should start applying as soon
as possible.


Contact Business Grants Australia on 1800 785 972 to find out if your business may be eligible to receive government funding. For more information visit their website here.

1800 785 972